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Prepare to be captivated as Koko's voice seamlessly adapts to any project, flowing effortlessly from one role to another. Experience the power of her versatile voice as it brings depth, energy, and a touch of magic to every word. 

Dive In to the Realm of Koko Ma'at!


Adaptability from Entertaining to Enlightenment

Koko's commercial demo showcases her vibrant versatility, capturing the essence of her authentic voice. With warmth and an upbeat tone, her voice embodies a harmonious blend of sunshine and rain, infusing your project with an inviting energy. She effortlessly transitions between contrasting qualities, embodying both warmth and coolness, power and grace.


Adapatbility from Entertaining to Englightenment

Koko's versatile range in animation is a true testament to her talent. She brings a burst of uniquely gifted creativity to every project, adapting her voice to meet your specific needs. Whether it's an energetic and upbeat delivery capturing the spirit of a teenager or a calm, wise tone embodying a down-to-earth queen mother, Koko's unmatched ability to tailor her voice brings characters to life with authenticity and depth. With Koko, your animated world will flourish, enchanting audiences of all ages.


A voice that brings you into the motion of the ocean.

Strength. Versatility. Serenity.

Koko Ma'at is a transformative artist whose voice mirrors the boundless power and mesmerizing flow of water. With strength, versatility, and serenity, she elevates storytelling through her healing artistic alchemy.

Koko Ma'at embraces each project with a deep understanding of its unique essence, empowering it with her versatile voice. Her voice resonates like ripples, evoking wonder and awe, carving its way into the hearts and minds of listeners, just as a river shapes the landscape. As words come alive through her seamless blend of passion and professionalism, she captivates and inspires, creating an immersive experience for all who have the pleasure of encountering her artistry.

Beyond voiceover, Koko Ma'at immerses herself in the connectivity of creativity and holistic health. She is a master of plant-based culinary arts and ceo of a catering company. The harmonious flow of dance and yoga holds a significant place in her life. She envisions a future where her holistic healing arts center becomes a sanctuary, specializing in various modalities of holistic healing, with an emphasis on the arts. This vision mirrors the nurturing and purifying essence of water.

Let Koko's versatile voice empower and elevate your project. Like mighty rivers and gentle streams, she carries your message to the world with unwavering grace and artistry.



"It was a pleasure to work with Koko, and our client raved about the resulting video. Hope to work together again soon."

Tremor Video

"A huge thanks to Koko for absolutely nailing this voiceover and helping us reaching the full potential with our project. Koko was fast, responsive and incredibly professional. We highly recommend Koko and looking forward to hopefully working together again."

Michael's Marc, LLC

"This was my first time working with Koko, but it won't be my last. She's so dynamic, and her voice is so unique. I'm sure I barely scratched the surface of her range. I barely had to give her direction, and she knocked it out and had my files to me within 30 minutes."


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Koko Maat
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